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Rugby Magazine is the leading print publication in the United States covering the exciting and compelling sport of Rugby. Since launching in 1975, Rugby Magazine has been the monthly journal of record for Rugby in the US. The magazine’s mission has been to inform its devoted readers—players, coaches, referees, advertisers, and fans—about all aspects of the sport, reporting on everything from the clubs to the colleges, the All-Stars to the Masters, the Rugby 7s competitions to the International Rugby Union tournaments, including the Rugby World Cup.

Now a more feature-oriented, bi-monthly (six times a year) publication, Rugby Magazine entertains, educates and enlightens its 50,000 readers with authoritative reporting, in-depth and insightful stories, and action-packed photography highlighting the events and the teams, the game’s history and its future stars, the women “ruggers” and the “old boys”. Sprightly-written departments explore coaching and refereeing techniques, teach players how to improve their skills, impart advice on training and nutrition, reveal the latest in equipment, offer opinions on developments in the sport, and convey the camaraderie that is the heart of the Rugby culture and lifestyle.

CURRENT ISSUE: July/August 2009
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