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Women DI College Top 20 Sept. 23

Wednesday Sep 23, 2009 in Rankings DI Women's College

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This week’s version of the women’s DI college Top 20 sees few big pieces of news. Brown won big, as expected. Penn State, Army, Virginia, EIU and Northern Iowa all won big.

For BYU this week sees them move up to #3, simply because they beat a ranked team in Colorado State.

Northern Iowa is one of the important teams in this mix as they play the oft-isolated Eastern Illinois later this year. UNI beat Illinois 61-0 with eight different players scoring. Kayla Soliday was outstanding.

Dropping down to a tie at #19 are Navy and North Carolina, who played each other this weekend. Repeated attempts to get them to give us a score fell on deaf ears so, as a notice to all, we drop them down.

2009-2010 ERugbyNews Women DI College Top 20 Sept. 23, 2009

1 Brown 1-0 (4-0) Defeated Yale

2 Penn State 2-0 (5-1) Defeated West Chester (16)

3 BYU 1-0 Defeated Colorado State

4 Army 1-1 Defeated Connecticut
5 New Mexico (1-0)

6 Virginia 1-0 (3-0) Defeated Virginia Tech

7 Eastern Illinois 3-0 Defeated Iowa State
8 Colorado State 0-1 (5-0) Lost to BYU (4)

9 Texas A&M 0-0

10 Vassar 3-0 Defeated Providence

11 Northern Iowa  1-0 Defeated Illinois

12 Air Force (4-1)

13 Indiana 2-0 (5-0) Defeated Ball State

14 Oregon 0-0

15 West Chester 0-1 Lost to Penn State (2)
16 Colorado (2-4)
17 Cornell 1-0 (4-1) Defeated Brockport

18 Michigan 2-0 Alumni Game
19T Navy No record listed – no result received

19T North Carolina 0-0 No record listed – no result received

Not playing in the fall and therefore not ranked: Stanford, Chico State, UCLA, UC Davis, California, UCSB

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