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Women DI College Top 20 Sept 17

Thursday Sep 17, 2009 in Rankings DI Women's College

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There’s always a danger of putting too much stock in a preseason match or a tournament. At the same time, tournaments provide us with a nice snapshot of what could be when good teams play each other.

Therefore Brown, which defeated Penn State in tournament play, gets #1 in this week’s women’s DI Top 20. Penn State takes #2 (they finished second) and the team Penn State edged a week before, Army, takes #3.

In Colorado, a similar tournament saw Colorado State defeat Colorado and Air Force on the way to top spot. After that it’s a crapshoot and we readily acknowledge as much.

But you have to start somewhere. Florida and Clemson drop out because they need to get on the field and were ranked right on the edge to start with. They will, and as the season moves on we will be able to expand back to a Top 25.

2009-2010 ERugbyNews Women DI College Top 20 Sept. 17, 2009

1 Brown (3-0-1)
2 Penn State 2-0 (5-1)
3 Army 0-1
4 BYU (0-0)
5 New Mexico 0-0

6 Virginia 0-0

7 Eastern Illinois 2-0
8 Colorado State (5-0)
9 Texas A&M 0-0

10 Navy 0-0

11 Vassar 2-0

12 North Carolina 0-0

13 Northern Iowa  0-0

14 Air Force (4-1)

15 Cornell (1-1-1)
16 Oregon 0-0
17 West Chester 0-0
18 Colorado (2-2)
19 Indiana 1-0
20 Michigan 1-0

Not playing in the fall and therefore not ranked: Stanford, Chico State, UCLA, UC Davis, California, UCSB

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