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2009 - 2010 Rugby Magazine Calendar

image for this article2009-2010 Rugby Magazine Calendar

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New Law Variations Experiments No More

image for this articleFive of the 10 IRB-approved experimental law variations concern the lineout, one of the game’s most dynamic maneuvers

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The Scrumhalf Pass

image for this articleHalfback, inside back, scrummie–no matter what you call them, the scrumhalf is the lynchpin to team chemistry on the field. Number nine may have multiple duties, from knowing the playbook inside and out to reading the defense, but if a scrumhalf can’t execute the play that sets the attack in motion, no amount of knowledge or vision will lead a team to victory.

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Twin Terrors

image for this articleWhen twin sisters Alex and Alicia Hartley relocated from Spring, TX, to Providence, R.I., in 2006 to attend Brown University, they both intended to play the sport for which they were recruited—track (Alex a shotputter, Alicia a hurdler). But once at Brown, they attended a couple practices and were immediately bitten by the rugby bug.

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Twilight Knight

image for this articleConsidered one of America’s greatest rugby players, Phaidra Knight is still passionate about the game at an age when most women are hanging up their boots. Now, as her playing career winds down, she’s trying to prove she can be a force in 7s and wants one more crack at a 15s World Cup.

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College Try: Running With the Torch

image for this articleAfter more than two decades coaching the Bowling Green Men’s RFC, Roger Mazzarella has passed the job to his son Tony, who is now leading the team to glory.

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Post-Game Pub: Sevens and the Old Boys

image for this articleAn aging 15s rugger takes a crack at the much quicker version of the game . . . and hopes he doesn’t crack.

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Lions Forever

image for this articleFor almost 50 years, Penn State has sustained two of college rugby’s most successful programs (men’s and women’s) through superb organization and a network of passionate alumni and supporters devoted to the cause.

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Quick Taps: Where Are Our No. 10s?

image for this articleRugby Union is the greatest team game in sports. The fact that you need 15 players to succeed, and that no one position dominates a game the way a quarterback does in football, is part of the attraction. The other attraction is that each position has its own vital role and each must operate at peak efficiency for the team to win.

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ESPN 360 Set For Live Hong Kong 7s Broadcast

image for this articleThe semi-final and final rounds of the 2009 Hong Kong Sevens will be broadcast live this Sunday on ESPN 360.

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Rugby Magazine Launches New High School Rugby Publication

image for this articleWhen Rugby Magazine overhauled its editorial format in 2008, one of the goals was to attract a new generation of rugby players and fans to the publication. Now the magazine has taken that outreach a step further with the launch this spring of High School Rugger, a free, oversized 8-page newsletter for American teenage rugby players.

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Captain America’s New Mission

image for this articleWhen he played in the 1990s—for the US Eagles and as captain of Bath in England—Dan Lyle was a rugby superhero. Now the Tournament Director for the USA Sevens event in San Diego, he’s making the growth of American rugby his life’s passion and purpose.

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Flying High in Big Sky Country

image for this articleIs Montana becoming a rugby hotbed? Well, at least at the high school level it is, where some dedicated former MRU ruggers are building a successful program—even if they sometimes have to play in the snow.

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Poster Boy

image for this article With his rugged good looks, distinctive hair style, leadership ability, passion for the game, and strong, skillful play on the pitch, US Eagle 15s captain (and 7s co-captain) Todd Clever has become the model for the American rugby hero.

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The History of Sevens

image for this articleThis exciting, fast-paced form of rugby, which has become extremely popular throughout the world and will be showcased this February at the USA Sevens in San Diego, began 125 years ago in a small town in Scotland.

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