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Board, Congress Look at Strategic Plan

Monday Sep 14, 2009 in Off the Field USA Rugby

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USA Rugby Chairman of the Board, Kevin Roberts, chaired this past weekend’s Board meeting, which focused on a wide-ranging agenda including a variety of presentations and committee reports.

The Dallas meeting, which coincided with a Congress meeting, was followed by Congress and Board workshops focusing on the development of a new strategic plan to be concluded in the fall of 2009.


“It is important that the USA Rugby Congress, Board and National Office all work together as a team,” said Nigel Melville, CEO of USA Rugby. “We have agreed to develop this relationship further and the Congress and Board will now meet on a biannual basis. One session is set to take place in the summer with a further meeting in the fall to discuss strategy and progress. This will ensure that everyone is connected and working toward the same goals.”


The USA Rugby Congress and Board of Directors plan to meet again to finalize their strategic plan in November 2009.

This falls in with the expiring strategic plan schedule, which stated that the new strategic should be developed and approved from September to December 2009.

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