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USA Rugby Board and Congress Meeting Latest

Saturday Sep 12, 2009 in Off the Field USA Rugby

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The USA Rugby Congress ratified the nominations of Bill Middleton and Peter Seccia to the USA Rugby Board of Directors. This is Middleton’s second term, while Seccia joins the Board for the first time.

The meeting of the Board and Congress was not as contentious as some expected it might be. Reports are that the meeting made a few substantive steps forward. Chief among these was an acknowledgment that the development of a new strategic plan is behind schedule, and that five different strategic planning groups have been formed to help formulate ideas for the new plan (the current Strategic Plan expires this fall).

The Congress also plans to reconvene, possibly in November, to continue work on the Strategic Plan.

One issue outlined as problematic by ERugbyNews is the status of State-Based Rugby Organizations. These U19/high-school-oriented groups have been operating somewhat outside of USA Rugby purview, running their own competitions and not wanting to work within the LAU/TU system.

This weekend the Board and Congress voted to admit 12 State-Based Organizations as Associate Geographic Members. This allows them to remain in good standing with USA Rugby by paying USA Rugby dues, and not dues to any other unions.

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