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Congress Members Send Letter Looking for Information

Thursday Jul 16, 2009 in Off the Field USA Rugby

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Fifteen members of the USA Rugby Congress have signed a letter addressed to the Board of Directors (through their representative John Mullett) requesting a briefing this summer on the progress the Board and CEO Nigel Melville have made in authoring a new Strategic Plan.

USA Rugby’s Strategic Plan written in 2005 expires this year, and it is expected that a new Strategic Plan and Operational Plan will be put into effect. (USA Rugby’s own scorecard on how the previous plan has been followed is on their website – in four different areas they score themselves at 20%, 15%, 35% and 30%.)

The letter spells out that it is the Congress’s job to have as much information as possible in order to do its job.

“… as Congress members we believe that oversight of the Board’s long-range planning for our organization is one of our most important responsibilities,” the letter said in part. “In order for us to fulfill this responsibility, we would request that the Board provide Congress with a draft strategic plan for the minimum of the next 4-5 years, a draft 2010 business plan, a draft 2010 operation plan, a 2010 budget, and all proposals intended for Congress ratification by Monday, August 10, 2009 so that we can review and contribute prior to the September meeting and therefore maximize our time together in Dallas.”

(Emphasis reproduced from the letter.)

This is the latest in a series of small events that spell out the isolation and feelings of ignorance among members of the Congress – who are the USA Rugby membership’s representatives in the USA Rugby governance structure.

ERugbyNews sent out a series of questions to all the Congress Members about the Strategic Plan, future operations, and what is happening in several core areas of USA Rugby operations. We received answers from only two members. The reasons give for not answering were chiefly that the Congress members did not have any information to give.

ERugbyNews has been and continues to interview Congress members (both those who did and did not sign the letter) to get their impressions of what the letter means.

More to come …

- Alex Goff

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