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Financial Report Highlights ROugh 2008 for USA Rugby

image for this articleCash reserves were depleted as USA Rugby handled a more than $600,000 shortfall.

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New Boardmember Focuses on Youth

image for this articleThe kids are the thing, and former Xavier player and current successful businessman Pete Seccia should know.

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Priority Changes Afoot at USA Rugby

image for this articleBoard and Congress meeting could result in changes in what USA Rugby concentrates on.

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USA Rugby Finances Strengthening - Melville

image for this articleUSA Rugby’s financial problems are not as bad as some would have us believe, said USA Rugby CEO Nigel Melville Wednesday.

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Board, Congress Look at Strategic Plan

image for this articleNext three months new Strategic Plan the focus.

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Congress Ratifies Board Appointments

image for this articleMiddleton, and Viljoen return. Seccia joins Board.

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USA Rugby Board and Congress Meeting Latest

image for this articleNotes from this weekend's events.

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Melville Not Going Scots

image for this articleNigel Melville dispels rumors he is interviewing for a job at the Scottish Rugby Union.

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Time for Board to Walk the Walk

image for this articleAs far as the membership of USA Rugby is concerned, when the USA Rugby Board of Directors and USA Rugby Congress meet in Dallas this coming weekend they will have much to consider but even more to answer for.

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Ref and Lineout Clinics at Pumpkinfest

image for this articleUSA Rugby will be hosting its 2nd Annual Women’s Referee Development Camp as well as a Luke Gross extended Lineout Workshop, September 11-13, 2009 in conjunction with the PumpkinFest Tournament, held September 12-13 at Pennypack Park in Philadelphia and hosted by the Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Club.

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USA Rugby Extends Championship Host Bid Deadline

image for this articleFollowing an official review of organizing committees’ bids for USA Rugby’s 2010 National Championship events, the organization has officially decided to extend its deadline from August 10 to September 1, 2009 in an effort to receive more interest from potential hosts.

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USA Rugby Ponder Sponsorship Deals

image for this articleCanterbury of New Zealand terminated all its sponsorship deals in Europe and the USA, but could be back. Does USA Rugby want them? Meanwhile, they most decidedly do want the National Guard back, but what will be the terms? (Ian Muir photo.)

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Letter Highlights Feelings Among Some in USA Rugby Congress

image for this articleSome who signed, and some who didn't discuss why 14 members of the USA Rugby Congress issued a letter asking for information on Board activities, and what the letter means.

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Congress Members Send Letter Looking for Information

image for this articlePossible sign that membership reps in USA Rugby feel they are in the dark?

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USA 2010 Championship Schedule Set

image for this articleUSA Rugby has officially announced its National Championship schedule for 2010 and is still requesting organizations to submit bids to host several of its upcoming events. (Numina Photo)

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