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Alberta U23 Women Shut Out Ontario

Wednesday Jul 8, 2009 in Canada Domestic Competitions

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The Alberta Women’s U23 squad got off to a strong start at the Canadian Women’s U23 Championships in St. Albert, Alberta Tuesday, downing Ontario 15-0.

Ali Bowd opened the scoring as she broke Ontario’s line just 90 seconds into the match to put her side up 5-0. Alberta continued to dominate at the breakdown and despite some slippery ball conditions the backs managed to string some impressive runs together.

Alberta second row Melainia Weiss would go over shortly after before substitute Marlene Nedved notched Alberta’s third try just before the half.

A more polished Ontario squad would emerge from the dressing room and some key substitutes saw the visitors find their composure. Despite winning their scrums and lineouts in the second half holding off the lethal Albertan offence, their efforts were too late as the home side emerged victorious 15-0.

“It’s always a really good way to start a game, everyone calms down after that,” Alberta’s Ali Bowd said of her early try before commenting on the outcome of the match. “I don’t think I’ve ever beaten Ontario with a team from Alberta so I’m pretty pumped about that. We’ve had three practices together as a team so to have any continuity is awesome at this point.”

Alberta 15
Tries: Bowd, Weiss, Nedved
1.  Janice Cougle (Lethbridge) 2.  Carmen Hobbs (Druids) 3.  Nicki Van Eck (Lethbridge) 4.  Amanda Richardson (Lethbridge) 5.  Melainia Weiss (Rockers) 6.  Sarah Stevens (Lethbridge) 7.  Kim Gould (CCIAC) 8.  Jena Murray (Lethbridge) 9.  Annika Eriksson (Druids) 10. Janelle Huggard (Druids) 11. Janelle Telidetzki (Rockers) 12. Erika Strande (Druids) 13. Ali Bowd (Red Deer) 14. Leah Conforti (CCIAC) 15. Karlee Carert (Druids)  

16. Jacqueline Bain (Druids) for Nicki Van Eck at 30 mins 17. Tessa Hiller (Clanswomen)for Melainia Weiss at 30 mins 18. Lynn Suttie (Lethbridge) for Sarah Stevens at 33 mins 19. Maya Hiller (Clanswomen) for Erika Strande at 48 mins 20. Lizzy Hardy (CCIAC) for Annika Eriksson at 40 mins  21. Marlene Nedved (Clanswomen) for Karla Teredezky at 30 mins 22. Zara Dowie (St. Albert) not used 

Ontario 0
1.  Bailey Rudnick (Coven WRFC) 2.  Ashley Reid (Barrhaven Scottish) 3.  Catherine Wilson (Highland RFC) 4.  Shauna Geerts (Kingston Panthers) 5.  Emily Mattiussi (Kingston Panthers) 6.  Stephanie De Vries (Highland RFC) 7.  Jocelyn Poirier (Barrhaven Scottish) 8.  Gizelle Panton (Barrhaven Scottish) 9.  Susan Heald  (Burlington Centaurs) 10. Stephanie Tibelius (Barrhaven Scottish) 11. Seana Cartmell (Niagara Wasps) 12. Martha Goodrow (Aurora Barbarians) 13. Jennifer Russell (Toronto Nomads) 14. Megan Cheung (Ottawa Banshees) 15. Jacqueline Elfiki (Oakville Crusaders)

16. Kim Sabourin (Barrhaven Scottish) for Bailey Rudnick at 44 mins 17. Jennica Falco (Burlington Centaurs) not used 18. Lindsay Peebles (Oakville Crusaders )for Emily Mattiussi at 11 mins (blood sub) and for Gizelle Panton at 35 mins 19. Laura Haley (Barrhaven Scottish) for Jocelyn Porier at 30 mins 20. Bethany Chekay (Markham RFC) for Susan Heald at 30 mins 21. Rebecca McKeen (Ottawa Banshees) for Jennifer Russell at 44 mins 22. Tiera Thomas-Reynolds (Toronto Saracens) for Seana Cartmell at 30 mins


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