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Letter to the Editor - True Sports Heroes

image for this articleOne reader talks about the sporting heroes he looks up to.

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GoffonRugby - On Blood, Guts and Crossover Athletes

image for this articleWe talk about fake blood, being tough, crossover athletes, and the Board and backbone.

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GoffonRugby: Rugby on TV

image for this articleAnd isn't that exciting? Yes it's good to see ESPN run a live test match where the USA wins. However ... there's always a however.

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Sub Rules Need to be Revisited

image for this articleWhen you have one player who has to cover six positions, maybe things need to change. (Versatility gets Phil Mack, who is a scrumhalf but can in a pinch play all other back positions, into the Canada lineup. Ian Muir photo.)

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How the Eagles Can Compete with the Saxons

image for this articleOr can they? An opinion column by Alex Goff. (Brian McClenahan, who starts at hooker, will have a lot on his plate. Ian Muir photo.)

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GoffonRugby - Rumors and Reactions

image for this articleWe have a look at a few fun rumors, and give you our take or, failing that, someone else's. An opinion column by Alex Goff.

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Some Thoughts as New Year Approaches

image for this articleA few relatively random notes on the priorities facing American rugby as 2009 approaches ... funny how they all seem to center around money.

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The USA 7s a Gift to All of Us

image for this articleThis Christmas, if you're thinking of a gift for that rugby-mad friend of yours, or even for yourself, there's no better gift than a chance to see the best in the world up close and in all their glory. Send them, or yourself, to the USA 7s. An opinion column from Alex Goff. (Australia surges ahead from the 2008 tournament as the crowd cheers them on. Numina Photo.)

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You Can Too Have it All

image for this articleDon't think we can have a women's Super League or a National All-Star Season unless some sugar daddy pays for it? Think again. (www.dropkickphotos.com)

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Really, Change it Now

image for this articleSome hugely interesting analysis of territories and seeds in club 7s prompts this opinion column - why are we worrying about this stuff when we could do so much better? A GoffonRugby Opinion Column.

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Rugby is Fun Again

image for this articleIt's tough to be a rugby writer and a rugby fan, but two games this weekend has got Alex Goff thinking that maybe you can be both. (More than just one pass and running into a wall. Machal Salazar photo.)

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GoffonRugby - Being Appropriate

image for this articleGoffonRugby notes on things we're seeing and what we think about them, including appropriate ways to celebrate losing a test match, appropriate ways to test an injured knee, and appropriate ways to reward young American talent. An opinion column by Alex Goff.

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Sanity Infuses All American Plan

image for this articleAbout freakin' time we spell it out, right? How you pick a team is important, but even more important is that everyone KNOWS how you pick it. A GoffonRugby Opinion Column. (Does Max de Achaval's season not count if he doesn't play as an All-Star? Broni Grala photo.)

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A Balloon Fiesta

image for this articleA GoffonRugby opinion column by Alex Goff. We look at the Albuquerque experience, from someone who saw nothing of the city. (Pictured, Al Caravelli, right, and Salty Thompson, middle, discuss rugby intricacies while your columnist tries to figure something out in the brackets. Broni Grala photo.)

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GoffonRugby - Does College Rugby Need Fixing?

image for this articleAn opinion column by Alex Goff. Missing classes, spending money, messing with schedules ... college students do that anyway, so why does rugby make them do it more? (Watje Photo)

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