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USA Should Bid for Women RWC

Friday Aug 28, 2009 in Columns Eagle Eye

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(USA v. Australia during the 2006 women's World Cup. Venues in Edmonton were not massive. Alex Goff photo.)

The IRB is entertaining host nation bids for the 2014 women’s World Cup. This is an opportunity for USA Rugby to think big and make a bid to host the event.

The Women’s RWC isn’t of the scale of the men’s event. It doesn’t draw 30,000 fans for every game, and doesn’t need a network of huge stadiums to handle. Edmonton, Alberta hosted the 2006 event adequately using three venues – two reasonably-sized rugby clubs in the suburbs, and the woefully over-big Commonwealth Stadium in the city.

The USA could do better, and could use the event to draw new fans to the game, especially the women’s game. And where should it be? Some ideas:

Denver. Infinity Park in Glendale and Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City will be just about the right size and can handle that frequency of games.

Salt Lake City. Three venues – BYU’s South Frield in Provo, and Murray City Park in suburban SLC can handle pool games, with Rio Tinto Stadium hosting the championship games.

Chicago. Several venues can handle pool games, with Toyota Park being there for the finals.

Just some ideas. But with USA Rugby’s Board and Congress meeting three weeks before this deadline, now is a perfect time for the governing body to put together a bid.

- Alex Goff

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