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USA Should Bid for Women RWC

image for this articlePlenty of cities can host this event. (USA v. Australia during the 2006 women's World Cup. Venues in Edmonton were not massive. Alex Goff photo.)

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Outclassed by Wales - Here's Why

image for this articleGuest columnist Dennis O'Donnell explores why Wales was so much better than the USA, and what that means going forward. (Brad Davis photo)

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Not a New Dawn, but Nice Anyway

image for this articleAn EagleEye Column from Alex Goff. Is a sellout crowd and a close score against Ireland a reason to think something new and great is afoot? Or should we be more realistic? (Go Team. Dobson Images)

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The Stock Report

image for this articleA few opinions - ours or our perception of what the coaches are thinking - about how USA players' stocks are going - up, down or even. Take with a grain of your favorite brand of salt. ('Don't hit me, hit him' Mate Moeakiola, Hayden Smith and Pat Quinn at lineout time. Paul Meyers photo.)

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Women and Rugby Revisited

image for this articleSince so many missed the point before, we're repackaging our comments. Why we think the USA is not poised to dominate women's rugby around the world - and what we should do to change that. (Rugbymatters.net)

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Eagle Eye on USA Women

image for this articleIt's time for a wakeup call, and for everyone to take the USA's fortunes on their shoulders. An opinion column by Alex Goff.

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The Tour Can Make a Comeback

image for this articleAn opinion column from Alex Goff. Tours are disappearing from high level rugby, but recent evidence shows that the USA men's team's decision to tour Japan may be exactly what the doctor ordered. (The last Eagle tour, Paul Emerick runs through the Ireland defense in 2004.)

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Eagles Up Against it vs. Canada

image for this articleCan the Eagles beat Canada? Look at the numbers, look at the experience of the Canadian side. Look at the trends. It doesn't look like it. An Opinion Column from Alex Goff. (It's not since 2005 that the USA has won this Can-Am game, Kimball Kjar passes the ball out in that game. Since 2004 it's USA 1 win, Canada 6)

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Why You Should go to the USA 7s

image for this articleAn EagleEye Opinion Column by Alex Goff. Yes, yes, ERugbyNews is promoting the USA 7s, but the plain fact is, it's a rugby spectacle and experience that is unsurpassed in the United States, and worth it to go. (Photos Numina Photo)

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Our Take on Rules Ideas

image for this articleOur take on what the experimental laws might mean.

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Unbelievable! Or Maybe Not.

image for this articleOn upsets, how surprises are good for the World Cup, records, schedules, tournament sizes, and even a joke. An opinion column from Alex Goff

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World Cup Makes us Happy

image for this articleThe crowds, the games, and how the pools have panned out all seem to point to a good tournament so far. (Ian Muir photos.)

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Eagle Eye - What Munster Exposes

image for this articleThe USA lost to Munster on Sunday and there are some positive things to say about that game nonetheless. Defense was sound, they played some exciting rugby and showed potency in attack. But there are far too many questions to be answered at this late stage. Poor planning has left the Eagles with a lot more work still to do. eRugbyNews File Photos

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Redo 7s Qualification

image for this articleLack of a cohesive national 7s season can hurt teams when they get to nationals, and also make it more difficult to seed teams. We have a look at which territories did the best in Washington this weekend, and use that to push our own vision of how teams should qualify. (Luke Harris photo.)

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Now, More than Ever

image for this articleAn Eagle Eye Opinion Column from GoffonRugby. Things haven't been easy for the USA players as their preparation has left much to be desired. They will have to look deep within themselves to make something special happen. Can you, the fan, help? (Photos Paul Thomas)

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