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93 7s Tournaments, and Possibly More

Thursday Aug 27, 2009 in Sevens Club Competitions

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7s rugby for both men and women is in an excellent position to rejoin the Olympic family for the 2016 Games, pending final approval this October.

With the momentous boost that Olympic status represents, eRugbyNews sought to gauge the interest in 7s by the US rugby public. We did this by gathering what we hope will be definitive information on all 2009 US 7s tournaments and by seeking data on those that will take place in 2010.

Based on information we’ve received from tournament directors, plus careful searches of Local and Territorial Union websites, we’ve identified a total of 93 US sevens tournaments (see below) that have or will take place during 2009. 

As a final step, we are asking eRugbyNews readers to help us by forwarding the following information to rugbymag@aol.com:

1) Check out the list below and send the name, date, location and email contact for any 2009 7s Tournaments we may have missed:

            2009 Tournament:



Contact name:

Contact email:


2) Send us the name, date, location and an email contact for any 2010 7s Tournaments you are involved with or have definitive information on:          

            2010 Tournament:



Contact name:

Contact email:

Depending on the response we receive, we are considering adding a 7s section to eRugbyNews that would list the place, date, location and contact information for all upcoming 7s tournaments.

We would also like to list all the winners of all completed 7s tournaments, so please email us that information as well.

Thanks for your help.

Ed Hagerty


93 US 7s Tournaments in 2009


February (4)

12-13        San Diego Club 7s                            San Diego, CA

14-15        IRB 7s                                              San Diego, CA

21             Winterfest 7s                                     Buffalo, NY

28             Frozen Ants Harlot 7s                        Batavia, NY      


May (5)

16             Celtic 7s                                           Albuquerque, NM

16             Okaloosa Summer 7s                        Destin, FL

23             Delaware 7s                                      Newark, DE

23             Memorial Day 7s                               Charleston, SC

30             Monk Vaughn 7s                               Richmond, VA


June (25)

6              Bullwinkle 7s                                     Elkhart, IN

6              Lehigh Valley 7s                                Bethlehem, PA

6              Lone Star 7s                                     Lake Highlands, TX

6              Renegades 7s                                   Atlanta, GA

6              Bull Moose Women’s 7s                    North Conway, NH

13             Lighthouse 7s                                   Fond du Lac, WI

13             Minnesota 7s                                    Eagan, MN

13             Seacoast 7s                                      Epping, NH

13             Tatunka 7s                                        Olympia, WA
20             Bloodfest 7s                                     Austin, TX

20             Bryn Mawr 7s                                    Malvern, PA

20             Buffalo 7s                                         Buffalo, NY

20             Firehouse 7s                                     Chicago, IL

20             Harborfest 7s                                    Kenosha, WI

20             Hotter Than Hell 7s                            Columbus, GA

20             NoVa Battlefield 7s                           Manassas, VA  

20             Rockaway 7s                                     New York, NY

20             Taz 7s                                               Iowa Falls, IA

20             Worcester 7s                                     Worcester, MA

27             Alamo City 7s                                   San Antonio, TX

27             Cin City 7s                                        Cincinnati, OH  

27             Dallas 7s                                          Dallas, TX

27             Harrisburg 7s                                    Harrisburg, PA 

27             Lakefront 7s                                      Milwaukee, WI

27             Springfield 7s                                   Springfield, MA

27             Vulcan 7s                                          Birmingham, AL


July (37)

4-5            Cape Fear 7s                                    Wilmington, NC

11             Molly Brannigans 7s                          Northeast, PA  

11             Cheese Steak 7s                               Philadelphia, PA

11             Midnight 7s                                       NY, NY

11             Norfolk 7s                                         Norfolk, VA

11             Parrothead 7s                                   Tulsa, OK

11             Redfish 7s                                        Baton Rouge, LA

11             Rock n Roll 7s                                   Cleveland, OH

11             Sneath Cup 7s                                  Denver, CO

11             Toys for Tots 7s                                Des Moines, IA

11             Verano 7s                                         Houston, TX

12-13        Can-Am Summer 7s                           Bellingham, WA

18             Beerfoot 7s                                       Ft Meyers, FL

18             Cape Cod 7s                                     North Eastham, MA

18             Mid-Summer 7s                                 Milwaukee, WI              

18             New Haven 7s                                   New Haven, CT

18             New Jersey 7s                                   South Brunswick, NJ

18             Raspberry 7s                                    Hopkins, MN

18             Reno Rugby 7s                                 Reno, NV

18             Roadkill 7s                                        Binghamton, NY

18             Rock Hard 7s                                    Grand Rapids, MI

18             Santa Barbara 7s                               Santa Barbara, CA

18             Slug 7s                                             Gambrills, MD

18             South RFU Championship                  Columbus, GA 

18             Three Rivers 7s                                 Ft Wayne, IN

18             Tornado Alley 7s                               Norman, OK

24-26        Pitch-a-Tent 7s                                  Chattanooga, TN

25             Aroma 7s                                          Tacoma, WA
25             Belle Chere 7s                                  
Asheville, NC

25             Hell Gate 7s                                      New York, NY

25             Kansas City 7s                                  Kansas City, MO

25             Mid-Atlantic 7s Championship            Richmond, VA  

25             Midwest 7s Championship                 Elkhart, IN

25             Newport 7s                                       Newport, RI                  

25             Palo Alto 7s                                      Palo Alto, CA

25             Slice 7s                                            Shoreview, MN             

25             Surfside 7s                                       Stone Harbor, NJ

25             Sweat 7s                                           Little Rock, AR             


August (17)

1              7s at 11 Columbus Cup                     Columbus, IN

1              7s at 7000                                         Flagstaff, AZ

1              7s By The Sea                                   Corpus Christi, TX

1              Cash 7s                                            Neenah, WI

1              Elvis 7s                                            Memphis, TN

1              Gratis 7s                                           Savannah, GA              

1              Leinies 7s                                         Appleton, WI    

1              Steel City 7s                                     Pittsburgh, PA

8              Horseshoe 7s                                    Shreveport, LA

8              Irish Fair 7s                                       St Paul, MN     

8              Middlesex 7s                                    Amesbury, MA             

8              Reno 7s                                            Reno, NV

8              Schuylkill River 7s                             Philadelphia, PA           

15-16        M/W’s National Club 7s                      San Francisco, CA                   

22             French Revolution 7s                         New Orleans, LA                       

29             Hurricane 7s                                      Panama City Beach, FL            

29-30        M/W’s National All Star 7s                  New York, NY               


September (2)

12             Tri-Tip 7s                                           San Luis Obispo, CA                

5              Twilight 7s                                         New Orleans, LA


November (1)

28             New York 7s                                      New York, NY


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