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NASC 7s Women Day Two Latest

Sunday Aug 30, 2009 in Sevens All-Stars

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New York City - Women’s NASC 7s latest scores:

Cup Semifinals:
Northeast 12 Pacific Coast 7
Ida Bernstein ran in two tries for the Northeast but also got in trouble with the refs for what had been a constant barrage of niggly and almost-illegal actions. A deliberate knock-on while the Pacific Coast were on attack finally earned her a yellow card. The Grizzlies scored then, but that was it.

Mid-Atlantic 17 USA Development 7
MARFU ran in a fairly comfortable win over the USA Developmental team, with Lauren Hoeck, Beth Black and Stacy Bennett all scoring tries.

Bowl Semifinals:
South 25 Southern California 5
Midwest 12 West 7

West 27 Southern California 0
West had played with some chemistry but with a team where half had never played 7s in anger before, it was a steep learning curve. Southern California were similarly young, and perhaps less cohesive. They played hard all through the tournament but were overmatched.

South 34 Midwest 0
The stars starred for the South as Pat Neder and Annie Antar both ran in two tries, and Lindsay Stephenson was monstrous, playing physical defense, constantly poaching ball, and scoring a try as well.


Pacific 12 USA Development 10
Pacific Coast ran out to a 12-0 lead in the first half thanks to Kelly Griffin and Elaine Gardner. But the USA Development team came back with tries from Penn State kids Sadie Anderson and Lauren Rosso. One conversion proved the difference.

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