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All-Star 7s Top Scorers

image for this articleWho scored the most points and the most tries. (Mark Roberts leads all scorers. Dobson Images)

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Women 7s NASC Team Photo

image for this articleWinners Northeast celebrate. Ed Hagerty photo.

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Team Photo Men NASC 7s Champions

image for this articleWest team photo. Photo by Ed Hagerty

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Caravelli Happy with Player Effort

image for this articleUSA 7s head coach Al Caravelli said heís relatively pleased with what he saw at the National All-Star Championships. (Ed Hagerty photo.)

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Full Men NASC 7s Box Scores

image for this articleScores and scorers from all the games.

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All-Star 7s Semi Marked by Controversey

image for this articleReferee decisions and some faulty radios cause the Mid-Atlantic men's team to wonder if the game they lost by two could have been theirs. (Ed Hagerty photo.)

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West Coach Lauds Team Resilience

image for this articleAfter Saturdayís pool games at the menís all-star 7s, West coach Sean Knight was singularly unimpressed with his teamís 3-0 day. But he and the team kept at it, and they ended up champions. (MVP Dewon Reed on the run in the tight semifinal. Ed Hagerty photo.)

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Men 7s NASC Scores

image for this articleAnd standings and photos. Ed Hagerty photos.

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Women NASC Scores

image for this articleAll the scores, standings and photos. (Ed Hagerty photo.)

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West Mustangs Stomp Grizzlies

image for this articleThe West rides four converted tries to a national men's all-star championship. (Mike Palefau helps West win)

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Northeast Women Take All-Star 7s

image for this article(Jen Sinkler runs in with the winner. Ed Hagerty photo.)

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Men NASC 7s Day Two Latest

image for this articleScores from playoffs. (Jess Bunshaft photo)

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NASC 7s Women Day Two Latest

image for this articleLatest scores from Randall's Island

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Women All-Stars Push for Eagle Spots

image for this articleUSA 7s coach Sue Parker looks for breakthrough players. (Ed Hagerty photo)

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Grizzlies Lead with Defense

image for this articleThe Pacific Coast Grizzlies menís 7s team were virtually untouchable Saturday in the first day of the National All-Star Championships, winning all three games and outscoring opponents 93-7. (Jone Naqica helping the Grizzlies keep the pressure on. Dobson Images.)

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