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100 Set for Saranac Lake

Thursday Jul 30, 2009 in Grassroots Rugby Tournaments

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One of the biggest tournaments in the country kicks off Friday as the Can-Am Rugby Tournament in Saranac Lake, NY begins its 36th year.

Exactly 100 teams are slated to participate, and with 98 percent all paid up, few last-minute no-shows are expected.

All the brackets are strong, with the women’s and men’s social brackets being the areas with the biggest growth, said tournament committee member John Burns. “We have 24 teams in the women’s competition, and they will all play in pool play and then be seeded out depending on their pool finish. There’s definitely a lot of interest.”

The Over-50 division brings seven teams to the North Country, including Blackthorn (who has not lost a game in three years). Blackthorn remains the favored in a division that continues to be popular among players.

In the Over-45 division Myths and Legends will look to make it two in a row and defend their 2008 Championship. White Plains and Albany will challenge them as will home team Mountaineer Old Boys.

The over-35 division features a six-team field that includes 2008 champs Schenectady Reds. White Plains may well upend them, though.

The Men’s Premier Division is competitive, but small at sic teams. Old Blues leads the field with Brockport, Penn State, Amoskeag, Mystic River and the KC Rogues adding fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile the Men’s Club Division is huge, at 16 teams. Buffalo is the defending championships but there’s lots of talk about the East Side Hyenas. And fans should watch out for Canadians Balmy Beach as well.

Bigger still is the Men’s Social Division, with 32 teams involved. It’s tough to pick who will take this one, but organizers like the Mountaineers.

In the 24-team women’s bracket, Beantown, New York, Toronto Nomads should all challenge.

The games will be held at Saranac Lake and Lake Placid, and will finish up at North Country Community College. Admission is free.

On Friday the Old Boys get started at Saranac Lake, and then both venues will feature all divisions on Saturday. Sunday’s semis and finals will be at NCCC.

During the Premier Final halftime, there will be an exhibition 7s game of players from the USA and Canada. The teams will have been put together by selectors from the participating clubs.

Saranac Lake Participants:


Men Over 35s 

 1.  Albany Knicks

  1.  Schenectady Reds

 2.  Boston Women

  2.  Keene State Grey Owls

 3.  Brockport Alumni

  3.  Monmouth RFC

 4.  S.E.P.T.A.

  4.  North Bay RFC OB

 5.  Morris Women

  5. White Plains Classix

 6.  NY Rugby

  6. Syracuse OB 

 7.  Doylestown Women

  7.  Brockport

 8.  Old Girls


 9.  Beantown

Men Over 45s

10. Once Were Warthogs

 1. Albany Knicks

11.  TBC

 2. Green Mountain Geezers

12. CNY Touring Side


13. New England Motley

 4. White Plains Classix

14. Monmouth Renegades

 5. Gitche Gumee Beach Hawaiians

15.  Lost Lady Lions

 6. Myths and Legends

16. Mountaineers

 7. Ancient Warriors

17. Seacoast

 8. Mountaineers

18. Rochester Renegades


19. Belleville Bulldogs

Men Over 50s

20. Brooklyn Womens Rugby

 1.  Cardindals Rugby

21. Toronto Nomads RFC

 2. Pequea Exiles

22. NESSies

 3.  Blackthorn

23. Team Pretty

 4. Mystic River Hombres

24. Hudson Valley Rebels

 5.  Ottawa Senators


 6.  Wild Oats


 7.  Buckeye OB



Mens Premier

Mens Social 

 1.  Old Blue

 1.  North Jersey

  2.  Brockport Rugby Club

  2.  Cardinals Rugby

  3.  Amoskeag

  3.  Akron Rugby Club

  4.  Penn State Lost Lions

  4.  Black River Rugby Club

  5.  Mystic River

  5.  Old Gold

  6.  KC Rogues

  6.  The Herd


  7.  Rutland Roosters

Mens Club

  8.  Ottawa Indians

 1.  Albany Knicks

  9.  Hudson Valley RFC

  2.  Brockport Rugby

 10.  Mason Dixon ITS

  3.  Danbury Mad Hatters

 11.  Lockport Rugby Club

  4.  NY Rugby

 12.  Keene State Grey Owls Alumni

  5.  Burlington R.F.C.

 13.  New York All Japan

  6.  Montclair

 14.  Syracuse Univ Select Side

  7.  Long Island Rugby

 15.  The Misfits

  8.  Ormstown Saracens

 16.  Mountaineers

  9.  Coast Guard Rugby

 17.  Blackhorse Alumni

 10.  Bell High Alumni

 18.  Brookburgh Bulls

 11.  Buffalo

 19.  Saratoga Rugby

 12.  Mystic River

 20.  Rochester Colonials

 13.  Eastside Hyenas 

 21.  Magnas & The Merry Men 

 14.  Penn State Undergrad

 22. Syracuse Chargers

 15.  Caves and Ditches

 23. Muskellunge Rugby Club

 16.  Balmy Beach

 24.  Newport Rugby


 25. Cleveland Rovers


 26. Canadian Aviation Rugby Club


 27. Morris Rugby


 28. Belleville Bulldogs


 29.  Ste-Anne U21


 30.  Black Squirrels RFC


 31.  Ole Red Stony Brook Alum


 32.  Union County Mudturtles


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