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48 at 4Leaf Tournament

Monday Mar 30, 2009 in Grassroots Rugby Tournaments

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March 28, 2009, Randall’s Island, New York City - Forty-eight teams gathered on a sunny March Saturday to do battle at the Village Lions 6th Annual Four Leaf 15s Tournament. When the dust had settled early Saturday evening, winners emerged in each of the five divisions:

Men’s Club: Monmouth
Men’s College: University of Connecticut
Men’s Social: Brooklyn
Women’s Club: Beantown
Women’s College: Northeastern

The games were played on eight brand new turf fields on Randall’s Island, which is adjacent to the heart of Manhattan and accessible via car or the 103rd  Street foot-bridge over the East River.


Above, Monmouth on the attack in the men's club final. Below top to bottom, Beantown wins the women's final, Northeastern in the women's college final, UConn running in the men's college final, Brooklyn  and Montclair pack down in the Social final. And bottom, the Randall's Island eight-field facility sits right on the Hudson River. New York's Upper East Side can be seen across the river, with the Empire State Building in the backgrounds. All photos Ed Hagerty.

Men’s Club - Monmouth
The Monmouth RFC (NJ) won the nine team Men’s Club Division with a 12-0 victory over Long Island in the final. To reach the final Monmouth topped the Rochester Aardvarks 37-5 and Reading (PA) 15-5 in pool play and then defeated Bayonne 34-10 in the semifinal. Long Island defeated Danbury 12-10 and South Shore 13-0 in pool play and Lansdowne 22-3 in the semifinal.

The finals pitted an upstart Monmouth team against Long Island Division 1 powerhouse Long Island. In the first half, Monmouth struck early, as Jay Smith snuck a try in from 20 meters. Long Island’s formidable running attack bent, but could not break the Monmouth defense, and at half, Monmouth led 7-0. The second half was all Monmouth, whose massive pack dominated scrums and laid bone-rattling hits, punching in an additional score when Monmouth lock John Russoniello was driven over the line after a multi-phase attack. An exhausted Long Island team could not recover, and spent the last 10 minutes of the game in its own territory, wildly throwing the ball around the pitch. 

"The team showed its desire to win in the final while playing its best rugby against the best opposition we faced all day,” said Monmouth coach Pat Moroney. 

Men’s College – UConn

The University of Connecticut defeated Seton Hall 38-31 in a tightly contested final to win the nine team Men’s College Division.

UConn reached the final with pool wins over Hofstra (59-0) and RPI (17-0) and a 39-0 humbling of Clarion (PA) in the semifinal. Seton Hall’s path to the final included wins over Clarion (19-8), Stony Brook (19-0) and Kings Point (19-5) in the semifinal.

Men’s Social – Brooklyn

The Brooklyn RFC defeated Montclair 18-15 to win the championship of the 12 team Men’s Social Division.

Brooklyn’s path to the final saw them defeat Second City Troop (PA) 25-0 and tie Cod’s Pieces 5-5 in pool play and then defeat Long Island B 23-5 in the semifinal. Montclair’s path to the final included pool wins over Northern Jersey (15-5) and Gotham (37-0) and a 27-5  win over West Potomac in the semifinal.

Women’s Club – Beantown
In the division featuring the most high profile teams, the Beantown RFC destroyed New York 41-0 in the Women’s Club final. New York finished second in the 2008 Women’s National Club Championship, while Beantown took third.

Beantown defeated Hofstra (39-0) and Monmouth (29-5) in pool play and then scorched Boston (54-0) in the semi. New York’s path to the final included pool wins over Suffolk (48-0) and the Albany Knicks (29-0) and a 36-0 semifinal win over the host Village Lions.

Women’s College – Northeastern
Northeastern emerged as champion of the nine team Women’s College Division with in 12-5 win over Clarion University (PA) in the final.

Northeastern’s path to the final included pool wins over RPI (20-0) and Binghamton (17-0) and a 22-13 semifinal triumph over Temple. Clarion defeated Stony Brook ((29-0) and Fordham (29-7) in pool play and New Paltz (21-7) in the semi.

Post Script
Host club Village Lions took advantage of the pub-dense East Village and replaced the standard tournament drink-up with a pub crawl. The migration from Randall’s Island to the Lions’ home base began around 2:30 p.m., so teams eliminated earlier in the day had reason to stay in town. With wristband in hand, revelers benefitted from discounted drinks and eats across 20+ participating vendors. All of the bars and eateries were within easy walking distance of one another, and the typically Hipster-filled streets transformed into a roving rugby drink-up until early Sunday morning. Join the festivities next year and mark your calendars for late March 2010. For more information, contact Tournament Director Pat O’Keefe at FourLeaf15s@Gmail.com.

Pool A
Lansdowne 7, Bayonne 3
Lansdowne 7, Village Lions 0
Bayonne 17, Village Lions 0

Pool B
Long Island 12, Danbury 10
Long Island 13, South Shore Anchors 0
Danbury 23, South Shore Anchors 22

Pool C
Monmouth 37, Rochester 5
Monmouth 15, Reading 5
Reading 10, Rochester 6

Monmouth 34, Bayonne 10
Long Island 22, Lansdowne 3

Monmouth 12, Long Island 0

Pool A
UConn 59, Hofstra 0
UConn 17, RPI 0
Hofstra 17, RPI 0

Pool B
Kings Point 10, Marist 0
Kings Point def Quinnipiac
Marist 14, Quinnipiac 0

Pool C
Seton Hall 19, Clarion 8
Seton Hall 19, Stony Brook 0
Clarion 46, Stony Brook 0

UConn 39, Clarion 0
Seton Hall 19, Kings Point 5

UConn 38, Seton Hall 31

Pool A
West Potomac 22, Wilkes Barre 12
West Potomac 27, Village Lions 0
Wilkes Barre 22, Village Lions 19

Pool B
Montclair 15, Northern Jersey 5
Montclair 37, Gotham Knights 0
Northern Jersey 26, Gotham Knights 0

Pool C
Brooklyn 5, Cod’s Pieces 5
Brooklyn 25, Second City 0
Cod’s Pieces 24, Second City 0

Pool D
Long Island B 24, Suffolk 0
Long Island B 19, CT Greys 6
CT Greys 6, Suffolk 5

Brooklyn 23, Long Island B 5
Montclair 27, West Potomac 5

Brooklyn 18, Montclair 15

Pool A
Boston 5, Village Lions 0
Boston 45, Brooklyn 0
Village Lions 34, Brooklyn 0

Pool B
Beantown 39, Hofstra 0
Beantown 29, Monmouth 5
Monmouth 38, Hofstra 0

Pool C
New York 48, Suffolk 0
New York 29, Albany 0
Albany 25, Suffolk 10

New York 36, Village Lions 0
Beantown 54, Boston 0

Beantown 41, New York 0

Pool A
Northeastern 20, RPI 0
Northeastern 17, Binghamton 0
RPI 13, Binghamton 0

Pool B
Temple 34, St. Michael’s 14
Temple 14, New Paltz 10
New Paltz 32, St. Michael’s 0

Pool C
Clarion 29, Stony Brook 0
Clarion 29, Fordham 7
Fordham 10, Stony Brook 8

Clarion 21, New Paltz 7
Northeastern 22, Temple 13

Northeastern 12, Clarion 5

- Ed Hagerty & Jackie Finlan


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