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Beaumont Leaps into DIII Final

image for this articleDramatic end to semi.

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Northern State Make DIII Final

image for this articleSouth Dakota club downs Danbury in semis.

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Cross-Continent Rivals - DIII Semis

image for this articleCalifornia's Beaumont is only three years old, and in the DIII national semis, and Middlesex is back for another shot. (Beaumont punches ahead in the muddy quarterfinals two weeks ago. Greg Barker photo.)

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MadHatters and Outlawz

image for this articleJackie Finlan and Alex Goff check in with two of the semifinalists of the DIII club championships.

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Semifinalists Set in DIII Clubs

image for this articleFour teams, from Connecticut, California, Kentucky and Massachusetts, are left in DIII. (Beaumont, Calif. in the Big Four)

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Lexington Digs Deep for DIII Title Run

image for this articleThe Lexington Blackstones of Lexington, Ky. are so named because of the areaís coal mining heritage, and so itís most appropriate to say they are at the coalface this weekend, playing for a DIII national championship this weekend.

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Aviators Look to Fly at DIII Playoffs

image for this articleWe check in at the DIII club playoffs and talk with a team that has massive turnover every year, and still is fighting the good fight.

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Pensacola Takes South DIII

image for this articleThe Pensacola Aviators rugby club won the USA Rugby South DIII club championships Sunday with a 27-11 defeat of Hilton Head.

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DIII Delight

image for this articleChampion DIII clubs set for national playoffs. Above, Trevor Anderson lines up the penalty kick that sent the Budd Bay Buffaloes to the national playoffs for the first time in their history.

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NRU DIII Playoffs Moved

image for this articleSnow forces move of championship weekend from Rochester NY to Buffalo.

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Lui Leads Reno to DIII Title

image for this articleThe Reno Zephyrs and Michiana Moose put on an exciting display of DIII rugby Sunday in Glendale, showing that DIII rugby can be good rugby. (Dina di Camilli photo)

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DIII Final Promises Wide Open Rugby

image for this articleTwo teams that are moving up to DII next season and who like the throw the ball around will give fans something to be excited about. (Reno performs its Haka at the Pacific Coast playoffs.)

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MIssion v. Wolfhounds in DIII Rematch

image for this articleMIssion takes on the Boston Irish Wolfhounds this weekend in San Diego for the DIII club title. It's a rematch of last year's championship game, where the supposedly older Wolfhounds, with a big club structure behind them, let emotion run away with them. Mission, paced by a big intercept try from Onesi Havea, won 32-22. This time? ... (The Boston Irish Wolfhounds are back at the DIII final.)

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Letters: Yes on DIII Championship

image for this articleSean Kelly defends the DIII national championship.

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