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Eastern Rockies, Manitoba in Girls All-Star Final

Saturday Jun 27, 2009 in Women Youth

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Glendale, Colo. – The Eastern Rockies girls U19 all-star team will take on Manitoba for the U19 girls LAU national tournament title Sunday at Infinity Park in Glendale.

Both teams finished 2-0 in pool play on Saturday, however it was a close-run thing for both.

Eastern Rockies had all sorts of problems with Northern California, but once they started winning set piece ball, they rebounded and won 19-12.

Manitoba won comfortable over Oregon before facing Washington. Up 17-0 they saw the Washington team come back late to make it 17-12, and hung on by the skin of their teeth.

Eastern Rockies held off a stout Minnesota team 10-0.

NorCal beat Minnesota to join Oregon in the 3rd/4th match. Washington apparently lost their energy after the failed comeback against Manitoba, and lost big to their Northwest rivals.

Eastern Rockies 19-12 NorCal
Manitoba w-l Oregon
Eastern Rockies 10-0 Minnesota
Manitoba 17-12 Washington
NorCal 34-7 Minnesota
Oregon 34-0 Washington

Sunday matchups:
Final: Eastern Rockies v. Manitoba
3rd/4th Oregon v. NorCal
5th/6th Minnesota v. Washington

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