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USA Rugby Attempting Women 7s League

Thursday Jun 11, 2009 in Women All-Stars

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Boulder, Colo. - USA Rugby has announced it is creating a Women’s Sevens League as part of the development program for sevens players, particularly those who aspire to be Women’s Sevens National Team candidates. 

Each team in the league will be located in a city, which will act as a hub to the local area, and will provide high-level Sevens experiences to the best club, college and high school rugby players in each area.  Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC have been targeted as potential team-based cities.  Other interested cities are encouraged by USA Rugby to express interest and participate.

“We must create elite environments in which players can learn sevens rugby and develop their skills,” said USA Women’s 7s head coach Sue Parker. “We are creating a pilot that allows the best athletes from all levels and backgrounds to come together to practice and play sevens.”

The pilot program will start with tryouts on the weekend of July 11 and finish with a tournament on July 26 in Philadelphia.  Parker will work with the coaches of each team to ensure that there is consistency in skill development and tactical awareness for each team.

“We want athletes who have never played rugby, rugby players who are new to sevens, as well as experienced sevens players.  This program will be an ideal place for a rugby player to pick up 7s or for a cross-over athlete to try rugby for the first time,” said Parker. “We are looking for players with speed and quickness, and an aptitude for good decision-making and ball-handling. We are going to recruit both inside and outside of the rugby community.”

The teams will hold tryouts and will train for just over two weeks before the tournament. The teams will follow USA 7s National Team protocols and skill development programs, and the tournament will be an entry point for the National Team Pool. Each team will be responsible for recruiting both current rugby players as well as cross-over athletes from other sports.

Coaches that are interested in setting up a team in their city should contact Sue Parker at sparker@usarugby.org


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