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Stony Brook Goes 4-0

Sunday Sep 27, 2009 in Amateur Competitions Division II Colleges

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(Stony Brook captain Pete Molloy)

Stony Brook University continued there undefeated season by beating Fairfield University in the final seconds Saturday in MetNY DII college play.


With wet and muddy conditions the game quickly turned into a forwards’ game, which is not the way Stony Brook prefers to operate. With a score by Fairfield within the first 10 minutes by their forward pack, Stony Brook knew they were in for a fight.


The match continued to be a back and forth battle as the teams traded field position throughout the first half. The Seawolves again relied on the foot of outside center Jasper Wilson for six points in the first half.


Fairfield came out of the gates marching strong in the second half scoring by using forward picks quite well. The Red Stags from Connecticut held onto the ball for most of the second half until the last 10 minutes.


The score now 17-6 with 10 minutes to go Stony Brook’s fitness began to show. When second and third phase ball got them into the opposition 22, sophomore flyhalf Alexander Magnus displayed some shifty running and touched down. Jasper Wilson again notched the conversion,


With time running out both sides were fired up to ensure their team came out of the match victorious. Stony Brook, again plagued by penalties, found themselves on the back foot repeatedly. Consecutive penalties by the Red Stags left Stony Brook inches away from touching down as Wilson was held up in goal by a tough Fairfield defense.


On the last play of the game facing a defensive scrum halfback Pete Molloy was able to steal the ball and quickly offload to inside center Sean Rafferty who broke through two defenders and powerfully touched the ball done for the winning score,


 “The Fairfield team were definitely worthy opponents but I'm glad the team was able to pull it together and come through with the win despite the difficulties throughout the match,” said Stony Brook captain and scrumhalf Pete Molloy. “It was good to see the boys bring it all together at the end to fight for the full 80 minutes and produce the points when given the opportunity.”


Coach Danny Yarusso added “It was definitely a nail-biter and we have a lot to improve on with the penalties and sloppy play around the breakdown but the team showed their true character and determination at the end of the game.”


With the win against Stony Brook goes to 4-0 and will sit atop the MET NY DII. Stony Brook has 151 points for and 27 against in the 4 games this season. Next week Stony Brook faces Southern Connecticut at home for their homecoming and annual fundraiser for the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



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