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Saturday Sep 26, 2009 in Amateur Competitions Division I Colleges

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Photos by Brad Davis, davisphoto.net

Penn State, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Indiana are
the semifinalists for the men’s Big 10+1 tournament.

The tournament is so named because Notre Dame has joined the lineup ensure 12 teams participate (the Big Ten actually numbers 11 teams).

However, the number of teams dropped to ten anyway as Iowa and Michigan had to drop out for differing reasons.

In the games, Notre Dame defeated Michigan State and Purdue, both in close games, to win their pool. Penn State downed Northwestern and Wisconsin to win their pool.

Indiana defeated Illinois 30-0, and then edged Ohio State 18-7 to go 2-0 and make the semis.

“We started the same side the first two games,” said Penn State head coach Don Ferrell. “We’re trying to do some work and work on some things.”

PSU shut out Northwestern 29-0, but struggled with Wisconsin, who ran out to a 17-0 lead before succumbing 27-22.

“Wisconsin put us under some pressure and were a little silly, with three big turnovers which led to three big tries,” said Ferrell. After some substitutions at halftime, “the guys responded. Wisconsin was very physical but I was pleased with the way our guys came back.”




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