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This Weekend in DI Club Games

Friday Sep 25, 2009 in Amateur Competitions Division I Clubs

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The top two clubs in New England’s DI league meet this weekend as Amoskeag takes on Mystic River.

It’s no coincidence that both clubs have built their success on developing young local players. Both have enjoyed playing a wide-open game based on smart decision-making and quick, physical forward play.

Lurking behind them are the Boston Irish Wolfhounds, who emerged victorious over White Plains last weekend. White Plains led 20-15 in the second half before a series of penalties put them on the back foot. The Wolfhounds fullback Shawn Hibbard was only too glad to hit the kicks that gave his side the 24-20 victory. At 1-0 the Wolfhounds could easily jump into the top two if they beat Albany. South Shore could too.

Amoskeag (2-0) at Mystic River (2-0)

South Shore Anchors (1-1) at New Haven (0-1)

Albany Knickerbockers (1-1) at Boston Irish Wolfhounds (1-0)

Boston (0-1) at White Plains (0-1)

In New York, the New York rugby club made quite the statement with a victory over Old Blue. Old Blue gets the weekend off to consider what to fix. New York takes on a Long Island side that should not be overlooked.

Morris (0-2) at Connecticut Yankees (0-1)
New York (2-0) at Long Island (1-0)

Mid-Atlantic just got started (see here).

Mid-Atlantic DI matchups
Schuylkill River (0-1) at Norfolk (1-1)
Raleigh (0-1) at Baltimore-Chesapeake (1-0)
Charlotte (1-0-1) at Washington (0-1)
NOVA (0-0-1) at Media (1-0)
Pittsburgh (0-2) at Maryland (2-0)

In the Midwest, Pearl City continues to dominate and should not be too troubled by the Milwaukee Westside Harlequins. But also in the West, Metropolis v. the Chicago Lions will go a long way to deciding who will be second to Pearl City.

Same perhaps goes for Indianapolis at Cincinnati.

Indianapolis (1-1) at Cincinnati (1-1)
Buffalo (0-2) at Detroit Tradesmen (2-0)
Metropolis (2-1) at Chicago Lions (1-2)
Milwaukee WS Harlequins (0-3) at Pearl City (4-0)

And in the West it’s been slow, but is picking up now. Glendale takes on Boulder and the Denver Barbarians play the Denver Highlanders.

Aspen and Kansas City don’t get into more action until a week later.

Glendale (0-1) at Boulder (0-0)
Denver Barbarians (2-0) at Denver Highlanders (0-0)

- Alex Goff

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