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Ontario Beats Midwest All-Stars

Sunday Aug 23, 2009 in Elite Level Rugby All-Stars

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Ontario defeated the Midwest all-star team 38-5 Saturday at the Moose Rugby Grounds at Elkhart, Ind.

Yellow cards proved to be a problem for the hosts, who were down to 13 men at one point, and saw Ontario score twice during that period.

“The game as a much tougher battle than the score may indicate,” said Midwest manager Graeme Leask.

Ontario definitely had the upper hand early in the pack but things settled down midway through the first half only to be changed again by the yellow cards, which were handed out for repeated ruck infringements.

Midwest was down two men for about seven minutes, giving up two unconverted tries, and down just a man for about five minutes either side of that period, during which they gave up another score. Seventeen of Ontario’s points came during the yellow card period.

“The Ontario backs defense was relentless and gave our young backs no room to maneuver,” said Leask. “We squandered a couple of overlap opportunities that could have added at least two tries.”

Ontario also had better depth than Midwest and used it. The two teams said they will hold a return fixture in Canada next summer.

“With a little more time to prepare we should give them a run for their money,” Leask said.

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