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South All-Stars Will be No-Shows at 7s NASC

Thursday Aug 20, 2009 in Elite Level Rugby All-Stars

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The USA Rugby South 7s all-star team will not be attending the National All-Star 7s Championships August 29-30 in New York City.

According to sources, team funding was what made it difficult for the team to travel. Last year USA Rugby South voted to drastically reduce funding for senior all-star teams, and use union funds chiefly for college and youth select sides.

USA national team coach Al Caravelli said he was “very disappointed” with the prospect of no South team, noting that there were several solid teams in the region.

To make up the numbers, Caravelli will be fielding a second collegiate side. His initial plan had been to have 20 players in camp and then select an All American squad of 12 for the tournament. Now he will field an A and B side, and has invited at least one, and possibly more, players who likely would have been on the South all-star team to join the B side in New York.

- Alex Goff

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