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Replacement for NA4 In the Works

Wednesday Jul 1, 2009 in Elite Level Rugby NA4 - ARC

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Machal Salazar photo.

The North American Four will meet its official demise next week, as it is expected that the IRB along with USA Rugby, Rugby Canada and the Argentina RFU will announce a new Pan-Am competition.

The NA4 appeared to be set for a drastically pared-down version for 2009, and then seemed more like it was DOA as resources and interest from the participating governing bodies waned.

But the idea of providing competition for players just under full international level still holds an attraction.

The model for the NA4 did not catch on as a commercial success. In its place will be an American Rugby Cham pionship (name to be confirmed) that will feature two teams from Canada (likely Canada East and Canada West), a team of American domestic players, and a second-tier Argentina team (along the lines of the Jaguars which competed in the Churchill Cup).

The competition will be held in late September, early October. Both Canada and the USA are expected to hold regional all-star competitions to help select their teams. Those competitions will be held in late summer, early fall. Details are expected next week.

- Alex Goff

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