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Emerick Suspension Rankles Club

Tuesday Aug 25, 2009 in Elite Level Rugby Overseas Pros

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According to Italian reports, USA center Paul Emerick may be in the doghouse with his club Overmach Parma. Emerick re-signed with Parma this summer, before he was suspended for ten weeks by the IRB for kicking DTH van der Merwe in the second USA v. Canada test match July 11.

Before Emerick is due back on the pitch he will have missed more than a third of the Super 10 league season, and the opening two Parma matches in the European Challenge Cup.

Talk in the Italian press is that Parma is wondering whether to tear up Emerick’s contract because they weren’t informed of the possibility of the suspension, or to look for a short-term replacement at center. Neither will be particularly attractive to Parma, as they will need Emerick for the rest of the season, and don’t want to lose him.

In addition, any replacements would have a tough time being ready much earlier than when Emerick is due to return.

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