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NAWIRA Meets, Adopts New Name

Thursday Aug 13, 2009 in Elite Level Rugby Other International News

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The North America West Indies Rugby Association ceased to exist this past weekend, as the organization met in Miami and decided to rename itself.

In attendance at Saturday’s meeting were: Pearse Higgins (Rugby Canada & President, NAWIRA), Dennis Dwyer (Secretary, NAWIRA), Christopher Nascimento (Treasurer, NAWIRA), Bob Latham (USA Rugby & NAWIRA), Peter Borland (Bermuda), Miguel Carner (Mexico), Guillermo Rodriguez (Mexico), Jacob Thompson (Jamaica), Colin Peters (Trinidad & Tobago), Jacqueline De Freitas (St Vincent and The Grenadines), Richard Adams (Cayman), Noel Adonis (Guyana), Dustyn Molver (British Virgin Islands), George Nicholson (Barbados), Lisa Williams (WIRU), Niall Brooks (NAWIRA Administration Officer), Scott Harland (NAWIRA Regional Development Officer), Mike Miller (IRB CEO and Secretary General), David Carrigy (IRB Head of External and

Member Relations), Tom Jones (IRB Regional General Manager).

The primary purpose of the meeting was to adopt the new Common Association Constitution and to elect officers.

The group adopted the IRB’s Common Association Constitution, which in part eliminated the mention of the West Indies Rugby Union as a part of the new North America regional group. The new name of the organization is the North America Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA).

West Indies rugby still exists, under the eye of the newly-formed West Indies Rugby Council, which is not a part of NACRA.

According to the new NACRA constitution, there are five Union

membership categories, as follows. Category A: Canada, Category B:

USA, Category C: Unions previously in WIRU and future new Unions,

Category D: Mexico and other future new Unions, and Category E:

Associate Members.

Its five executive committee members are one member each from Categories A, B and D, with two from Category C.

Pearse Higgins, Bob Latham, Dennis Dwyer, George Nicholson and Miguel Carner were elected to the executive committee.

IRB CEO and Secretary General Mike Miller addressed the Membership, and after that the NACRA Executive voted to allocate offices:

Carner as Treasurer
Higgins at VP and IRB Council Rep
Latham as President
Nicholson at at-large Member
and Dwyer as Secretary

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