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2009-2010 Preseason Men Top 25

Wednesday Aug 26, 2009 in Rankings DI Men's College

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(Cal or BYU, who can reach higher this year? Numina Photo.)

It’s college rugby time and we return to the ERugbyNews Top 25 for the men’s DI competition.

Last season ERugbyNews had BYU at #1 for a large portion of the season, and saw the Cougars eke out a national championship. So they start at #1 this time around right? Well, no. Our take on the Top 25 for 2009-2010 is simply this: last year’s performance maters, but you also have to give us some feeling that you have the staying power to repeat this coming season.

Cal has always had the consistency, and that’s the chief reason (along with an outstanding group of youngsters coming up) they are #1. BYU sits at #2 and San Diego State is #3. The Aztecs, we believe, will weather the loss of their head coach and continue to improve.

Army will improve, also. Remember their Big Four team was very young, and most of those players will be back.

We wonder if Arkansas State won’t fall off a little this season. ASU, LSU, Cal Poly and Utah all represent programs that are very good on specific days, but frustrate us as well.

St. Mary’s and Penn State are certainly waiting for anyone to falter, and if St. Mary’s can avoid the injury bug they could return to the lofty heights of 2008.

In the lower reaches, it’s always hard to guess. We missed North Carolina and Florida, Virginia Tech and Colorado, Sacramento State, Washington State and Bowling Green.

It’s likely one of those will jump up – we expect at least one to. But right now we think the big improvers will be Notre Dame, which has recruited well but may be a year away, and UCSB, which should be far better this season.

We are not sure we’ve done justice to Dartmouth, and perhaps we’ve put too much faith in a Midwest region that has performed very poorly in the national playoffs. Should we have included Bowling Green? Maybe, but we’ll let them make that statement on the field.

2009-2010 Preseason
ERugbyNews Men DI College Top 25

1 California   


3 San Diego State

4 Army

5 Penn State

6 St. Mary's

7 Arkansas State


9 Cal Poly

10 Utah

11 Navy

12 Central Washington

13 Wyoming

14 Colorado State

15 Kutztown

16 Air Force

17 Dartmouth

18 Minnesota

19  Notre Dame

20 Texas A&M

21 Arizona

22 Rutgers

23 UC Davis

24 Syracuse

25 UC Santa Barbara


Honorable Mention: North Carolina, Florida, Virginia Tech, Bowling Green, Colorado, Washington State, Sacramento State, Stanford, Oklahoma

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